Special Educator Academy
The Special Educator Academy is designed for teachers, related service providers, administrators, coaches and behavior analysts...basically anyone who works in a special education classroom.

By signing up, you are joining a positive, collaborative community who is here to help and support you. And you get access to a growing set of courses and resources that are practical and relevant for your classroom.

You are signing up for a 7-day Free Trial. This means you will enter your credit card details today but it will NOT be charged. Your credit card will only be charged if you do not email to cancel before the 7 days are over. I will send you several reminder emails about that, so make sure you are receiving emails from me right after you sign up. If you do not email me to cancel by the end of the 7th day, you will automatically join the annual subscription and your credit card will be charged $250.

After joining on an annual subscription, your credit card will be billed every year for the same annual amount you paid today. Your price will never increase so long as you remain a member. But the material and community you have access to will continue to grow.

And if you run into any problem with the sign up process or you wish to cancel your trial before it ends on Day 7 (I will send reminder emails so you don't forget), just email me at chris@specialeducatoracademy.com

$250.00 every year after a 7-day trial period
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